Saurabh Chauhan ( 2658 )


Basic Details (Last Login : Thursday, 12 Dec 2019)

  • Name :
    Saurabh Chauhan
    Sub Caste :
  • Height :
    5ft 7in
    Weight :
    82 kg
  • Complexion :
    Body type :

Birth Details

  • Age :
    37 years
    Birth Date:
    30 November 1982
  • Birth Place :
    Not available
    Birth Time :
    2 : 50
  • Birth State :
    Manglik :

Education & Occupation Details

  • Education:
    Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre
  • Schooling:
    English Medium
    English Medium
  • Professional Course:
    Not available
    Not available
  • Occupation Category :
    Other Professions & Business
    Occupation details :
    Vice President in US based Investment Bank in Mumbai.
  • Annual Income / Monthly income :
    50 LPA


  • Diet :
    Drinking :
    Not available
  • Smoking :
    Not available

Location Details

  • State :
    City :

Family Details

  • Originally From :
    Father Name :
    Late Sh Pratap Singh
  • Native Village/District :
    Jaipur, Jaipur
    Father Occupation :
    Retired Central Govt Employee.
  • Paternal Information :
    Paternal grandfather was Architect in JDA. Paternal family settled in Jaipur from 3 generations. Prior to that forefathers were in Bansko, Distt Jaipur. Well educated family; Elder brother engineer and IIM alumni - AVP in a bank. Cousin brothers 1) dentist, 2) engineer and a management professional. Cousin sisters 1)director in large US based bank settled in US, 2) dentist, 3) session magistrate, 4) and 5) pharma graduates. Family relations with - Gehlot, Parihar, Chauhan, Rathore.

Maternal Family Details

  • Mother's Profession :
    Caste /Clan :
  • Maternal Village/District :
  • Maternal Family Info :
    Maternal grandfather was in Railways Police. His family hailed from Jodhpur. He was settled in Bikaner post his service. Maternal uncles settled in Bikaner & Jodhpur.

About Me / Expectation

  • I am hardworking and strong-willed towards achieving every goal in my life. Filled with affection, I ensure to be caring and thoughtful about people and relationships. Being friendly in nature, I do enjoy myself with people I find resonance with. A good long drive, heart touching music and fun-filled movie night sum up my perfect day. Travelling to beautiful places keeps me excited. The joy to learn about various cultures that exist is incredible. It would be amazing to have my better-half completely in love for driving and travelling the world with me. I have pursued my Bachelors in Engineering/ Technology. I am an HR professional with a large US based investment bank. I am raised in a well-educated and close-knit family. My father was employed with the Government and he moved to his heavenly abode around 15 years ago. My mother is an amazing homemaker. My elder brother is IIM - B alumni and employed with a large European Bank in Jaipur, he is contracted. Our extended families are all well-settled in their respective field of interest..

Location Preferences

  • State :
    Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi (NCR/NCT)