Akshat Chauhan ( 2690 )


Basic Details (Last Login : Thursday, 16 Jan 2020)

  • Name :
    Akshat Chauhan
    Sub Caste :
  • Height :
    5ft 9in
    Weight :
    75 kg
  • Complexion :
    No Answer
    Body type :

Birth Details

  • Age :
    28 years
    Birth Date:
    5 May 1991
  • Birth Place :
    Birth Time :
    Not Available
  • Birth State :
    Uttar Pradesh
    Manglik :
    Non Manglik

Education & Occupation Details

  • Education:
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication
    Not available
  • Schooling:
    English Medium
    English Medium
  • Professional Course:
    Not available
    Not available
  • Occupation Category :
    Other Professions & Business
    Occupation details :
    Owns an IOT and AI based company.
  • Annual Income / Monthly income :
    Not available


  • Diet :
    Not available
    Drinking :
    Not available
  • Smoking :
    Not available

Location Details

  • State :
    City :

Family Details

  • Originally From :
    Uttar Pradesh
    Father Name :
    Rakesh Singh Chauhan
  • Native Village/District :
    Not available
    Father Occupation :
    Govt. Servant - DIGP.
  • Paternal Information :
    Mr. Rakesh Singh Chauhan is the only son of Late Shree Ranvir Singh Chauhan and Smt. Kumud Chauhan. He is currently serving as Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) posted in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan at Internal Security Academy. Late Shree Ranvir Singh Chauhan son of Sagar Singh Chauhan hails from Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, he retired as Deputy Superintendent of Police (UP) settled in Lucknow.

Maternal Family Details

  • Mother's Profession :
    Not available
    Caste /Clan :
    Not available
  • Maternal Village/District :
    Not available
  • Maternal Family Info :
    Smt. Roli Singh is the only daughter of Shree Govind Kumar Singh and Smt. Suman Kumari. Shree Govind Kumar Singh is Gaur Rajput from Zamindar family of Hardoi (UP) and Smt. Suman Kumari belongs to royal family of Majgawa Estste in Hamirpur (UP).

About Me / Expectation

  • Akshat completed bachelor’s of technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering (E.C.E.) from Amity International University Noida in the year 2014. He worked with Fidelity Worldwide Investment at Gurgaon (N.C.R.) for 2 years and with Fidelity U.K. for a term of one year. Following his arrival from U.K. he dived into his entrepreneurship venture with his friend establishing an IOT and AI based Smart Home solution providing firm. Currently he is based in Noida and his factory in Greater Noida. His Hobbies are travelling, Sports: Shooting, Table tennis, Swimming.

Location Preferences

  • State :
    Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, New Delhi (NCR/NCT)