Jogendra Singh Rathore ( 2738 )


Basic Details (Last Login : Thursday, 09 Apr 2020)

  • Name :
    Jogendra Singh Rathore
    Sub Caste :
  • Height :
    5ft 10in
    Weight :
    78 kg
  • Complexion :
    Wheatish Brown
    Body type :

Birth Details

  • Age :
    31 years
    Birth Date:
    17 January 1989
  • Birth Place :
    Khokhar, Parbatsar
    Birth Time :
    Not Available
  • Birth State :
    Manglik :
    No Answer

Education & Occupation Details

  • Education:
    M.A in Pub Admin, B.A, Pursuing M.B.A in International Business
    Rajasthan University
  • Schooling:
    Hindi Medium
    Hindi Medium
  • Professional Course:
    Crowd, Crisis & Human Behaviour
  • Occupation Category :
    Other Professions & Business
    Occupation details :
    GSS in Carnival Cruise Line, Florida, United States America (Job based on Passenger/Cruise Ship)
  • Annual Income / Monthly income :
    17 Lac/Annual


  • Diet :
    Occasionally Non-Veg
    Drinking :
  • Smoking :

Location Details

  • State :
    City :

Family Details

  • Originally From :
    Father Name :
    Raghubir Singh Rathore
  • Native Village/District :
    Khokhar, Parbatsar, Nagour
    Father Occupation :
    Ex-Servicemen (Army)
  • Paternal Information :
    Grand Father Name -Late Sh. Umed Singh Ji Rathore - Mertiya - Kesarsinghot , Bade Papa Gordhan Singh Ji Rathore,Chote Papa Lt. Sh. Kunal Singh Ji Rathore, Kakosa Narpat Singh Ji Rathore Dadera: - Shekhawat Bhojraj ji ke,(Dabdi Sabal Singh ji ki, Jhunjhunu

Maternal Family Details

  • Mother's Profession :
    House wife
    Caste /Clan :
    Shekhawat/Rao Ji Ke
  • Maternal Village/District :
    Sewad Badi,Sikar
  • Maternal Family Info :
    Nanosa Lt. Sh. Laxman Singh Ji Shekhawat (Hon. Capt.) Bade Mamosa Santosh Singh Ji Shekhawat (Assistant Commandant in BSF) married at Jhakhali, Makrana, Chote Mamosa Rajiv Singh Ji Shekhawat -Bussinesmen married at Husain pura,Sikar

About Me / Expectation

  • I am simple and practical person with a positive attitude. I beliefs both modern and traditional. I believe we need to progress and evolve as a society but not lose our traditional moral values. I am currently working for Carnival Cruise Lines in United State of America on a Passenger/Cruise Ship) as i love to travel around the word. I am looking for somebody who is modern but still believes that marriage is sacred. She should best friend/wife.She must be educated and with Career goals in her life.

Location Preferences

  • State :
    Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh