Chandraveer Singh Rathore ( 3420 )


Basic Details (Last Login : Monday, 26 Sep 2022)

  • Name :
    Chandraveer Singh Rathore
    Sub Caste :
    Rathore - Kumpawat (Udaysinghot)
  • Height :
    5ft 7in
    Weight :
    70 kg
  • Complexion :
    Body type :

Birth Details

  • Age :
    28 years
    Birth Date:
    13 May 1994
  • Birth Place :
    Birth Time :
    3 : 30
  • Birth State :
    Manglik :
    Anshik Manglik

Education & Occupation Details

  • Education:
    B. Com., Primary Schooling from Green Woods Secondary School, Udaipur City & finished High School from Infant Jesus School, Malad (W), Mumbai.
    Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Kandivali (E), Mumbai
  • Schooling:
    English Medium
    English Medium
  • Professional Course:
    Not available
    Not available
  • Occupation Category :
    Other Professions & Business
    Occupation details :
    Businessman (Engaged in successfully running and managing Businesses) - Medical Stores/Shops - Vasai (E), District - Palghar, MH
  • Annual Income / Monthly income :
    Average earnings: Approx. 6 -7 Lakhs per Annum


  • Diet :
    Occasionally Non-Veg
    Drinking :
  • Smoking :

Location Details

  • State :
    City :

Family Details

  • Originally From :
    Father Name :
    Sh. Prem Singh Rathore
  • Native Village/District :
    Thikana - Gura Jait Singh, Via –Somesar, Tehsil – Rani, Dist.: Pali-Marwar (Raj.)
    Father Occupation :
    Businessman & Agriculturist, Former ‘Sarpanch’ of Gura Jait Singh (Gram Panchayat: Inderwara) [ Previously managed/held ownership of Rathore Inlay and Articles, Vile Parle(E), Mumbai]
  • Paternal Information :
    Grandfather: Late Sh. Sultan Singh Rathore, Former ‘Sarpanch’ of Gura Jait Singh (Gram Panchayat: Inderwara). Grandmother: Late Smt. Bhanwar Kanwar [Thi.- Piparli, Teh. - Luni, Dist.: Jodhpur] Clan: Chauhan - Sonigara (Tejmalot). Siblings: Total = 4 i.e. 2 Elder Sisters and 1 Elder Brother (All 3 Married). Both Bhuasa - Married in Ranawat Family, from Thi. - Padrada (Udaipur) and Thi- Kanpura (Sumerpur, Pali) respectively. Kakosa - Married in Shaktawat Family [Thi. Bhindar, Udaipur]

Maternal Family Details

  • Mother's Profession :
    Smt. Prem Kanwar Ranawat (Homemaker)
    Caste /Clan :
    Sisodiya - Ranawat [Bhakhrot]
  • Maternal Village/District :
    Thikana – Padrada, Via- Sayra, Tehsil - Gogunda, Dist.: Udaipur (Raj.)
  • Maternal Family Info :
    Grandfather: Late Th. Sh. Roop Singh Ji Ranawat. Grandmother: Smt. Dariyav Kanwar D/O Late Sh. Dungar Singh Ji Rathore [Thikana– Jetiwas, Tehsil – Bilara, Dist.: Jodhpur (Raj.) Clan/Sub-Clan: Rathore – Dungrot],1st Masisa - Married in Jhala Family [Thi. - Amarpura, Jhadol, Udaipur], 2nd Masisa - Married in Chauhan Family [Thi.- Sar, Luni, Jodhpur], 1st Mamosa - Agriculturist/Landlord, 2nd Mamosa - Serving A.S.I. District Excise Department (Udaipur Block).

About Me / Expectation

  • About Us: We are Rathore - Kumpawat [Udaysinghot], Originated from Thikana - Busi, Pali (Raj.).Born and raised in a family full of human values, high morale and ethics. Great interest in Business/entrepreneurship and determined to make success out of it. About Us: Siblings [Brothers and Sisters]: Total 4 - Including 2 Elder Sisters and 1 Elder Brother (Married) 1. Elder Sister, Married at Thikana- Bisalpur, Tehsil - Bali, Dist.: Pali-Marwar (Deora – Lakhawat sub-clan), settled in Bisalpur (Pali). 2. Elder Brother [Engaged in running his own Business], Married at Thikana – Dingar, Tehsil – Pindwara, Dist.: Sirohi (Deora – Mansinghot sub-clan), Settled in Surat (Guj.). 3. Elder Sister, Married at Thikana – Barod, Tehsil- Desuri, Dist.: Pali-Marwar {Kachhawaha - Roopsinghot - subclan [Rajawat]}, Settled in Pune (MH). Expectations: Looking for a suitable alliance from Genuine Rajput Family Only. [Educated, Decent and Down-to-earth personality]

Location Preferences

  • State :
    Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra