Kisley S. Chauhan ( 2456 )


Basic Details

  • Name :
    Kisley S. Chauhan
    Sub Caste :
  • Height :
    6ft 0in
    Weight :
    Not Available
  • Complexion :
    Body type :

Birth Details

  • Age :
    27 years
    Birth Date:
    25 May 1992
  • Birth Place :
    Birth Time :
    22 : 45
  • Birth State :
    Manglik :

Education & Occupation Details

  • Education:
    B.Tech in Computer Science from LNMIIT, Jaipur – 2010 Batch
    LNMIIT, Jaipur
  • Schooling:
    English Medium
    English Medium
  • Professional Course:
    Not available
    Not available
  • Occupation Category :
    Engineering & IT Professionals
    Occupation details :
    Web developer at Tekion, Bangalore
  • Annual Income / Monthly income :

Location Details

  • State :
    City :

Family Details

  • Originally From :
    Father Name :
    Raghuveer Singh Chauhan
  • Native Village/District :
    Kolwagram, Bandikui, Dausa
    Father Occupation :
    Assistant Accounts Officer in Collectorate, Dausa
  • Paternal Information :
    Mother : Principal of Anand Sharma government senior secondary school Dausa Sister recently got married. She works as a business analyst in Ahemdabad. Jijosa : (Arvind Singh Rathore)Working as an Income Tax Inspector Dadosa: Kishan Singh Chauhan [Retired Teacher & Sarpanch Kolwagram], Taousa: Uday SIngh Chauhan [Sr. Teacher English], Kakosa: Madan Singh Chauhan [Lecturer, History], Kakisa: Asha Rajput [Sr. Teacher, English]

Maternal Family Details

  • Mother's Profession :
    Principal at Govt. sr. sec. girls school, Dausa
    Caste /Clan :
  • Maternal Village/District :
    Jurhera, Bharatpur
  • Maternal Family Info :
    Nanosa: Jeevan Singh Kilanaut [Retired Principal at Govt. Arts College Alwar], Mamosa: Alankar Priyadarshi [Software Eng. Sydney, Australia], Mamisa: Meetu Chauhan [Software Eng. Sydney, Australia], Mausaji: Sanjay Singh Chauhan [Software Eng. Sydney, Dallas US], Mausi: Rachana Singh Kilanaut [V P at Essanova Corp, Dallas US], Mausaji: Karni Parihar [Principal, Bikaner School], Mausi: Kavita Singh [Lecturer]

About Me /Expectation

  • I am a liberal. I work as a web developer in Tekion, Bangalore. I spend my time reading literature & film criticism, watching world cinema, learning intricacies of a camera. My distant dream is to start a school for kids.

Location Preferences

  • State :
    Rajasthan, New Delhi (NCR/NCT), Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab